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US Expansion: 8 Key Questions for Your US Go-To-Market Strategy

Expanding to the US can be a great growth opportunity for your company given the size of the US market and access to potential new customers. However, it would be a mistake to think the go-to-market strategy that succeeded in your home country will be successful in the US market. You will want to reexamine your entire go-to-market strategy for the US and consider these 8 key questions:

1. Product-market fit: Does your product fulfill the US target customer’s needs and solve the user’s specific problems? What alternatives does your product compete with in this market?

2. Branding and positioning – How does your company’s brand differ from the competition in the US? How is your company positioned in the market?

3. Pricing – What is the best pricing strategy for the US market? License, subscription, or usage model? How should you price against competitors?

4. Target customers - Who are your target customers in the US? Who is the buyer? What are the best routes to market to reach them?

5. Strategic Partners – Which strategic partners can provide access to customers and credibility in the US market? How will you recruit, compensate, and manage them?

6. Sales – Is your focus on top-down direct sales or bottom-up product led growth? How will you recruit, hire, manage, compensate, train, and enable your US sales and client success teams? What tools do they need to succeed?

7. Demand generation – How will you build awareness, create content, drive leads, nurture interest, and manage leads in the US market?

8. US Contracts & Agreements – How will you create contracts and agreements for customers and partners in the US?

If you have questions about US Expansion or a US Go-To-Market strategy please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the US market.

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