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Every startup entering the US could benefit from having an experienced industry executive there to guide them through the process. We will oversee your US operations and even serve as your lead US executive on an interim basis, reducing the risks of that first full-time US executive hire.

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Our team can advise on a wide range of topics that can help optimize your revenue growth  in the US  including:

  • Product-Market Fit

  • US Branding & Positioning

  • Target Customers & Partners

  • Product Pricing

  • US Contracts & Agreements

  • Demand Generation

  • Sales Operations

Talent Acquisition

Our team will ensure your US company attracts and retains top talent. We personally Interview and evaluate potential new hires for your US operations.

We will make sure your company has a strong employment brand and competitive:

  • Compensation Packages

  • ESOP Program

  • Benefit Programs

  • Working Environment

  • Company Culture

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Venture Fundraising

We can assist with your overall venture fundraising strategy in the US market. We help with:

  • Targeting the Right Investors

  • Investor Pitch Deck

  • Pitch Coaching

  • Investor Pipeline Management

  • Investor Communications

  • Operating Plan & Pro Forma Modeling 

  • Due Diligence Preparation

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