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You know launching in the US is a key catalyst to your growth — but it’s not without its challenges. Past success in your home country or territory is no guarantee of success in the US market. Attempting to market and sell your products and service your customers in the US from overseas is typically too long of a tether to ensure success.


The variance of laws, regulations, and compliance across 50 different states creates a multitude of challenges. We’ve seen some of the strongest businesses without a US partner stumble over pitfalls like:


• US executive hires without startup experience

• Overpaying because of lack of knowledge of costs

• Working with service providers who don't know the entire picture (but often think they do)


Every startup entering the US could benefit from having an experienced expansion partner to guide the process.


US Expansion Partners will ensure your US operations are launched quickly, scaled effectively, and managed efficiently. Our team will oversee the launch and management of your US operations and serve as the concierge interface for your US employees, partners and vendors.


Meet Our CEO


David Rose

Founder & CEO

As CEO at US Expansion Partners, David Rose leads a team that helps European technology companies navigate the complexities of launching, managing, and scaling operations in the United States.


He has more than 20 years of leadership experience with Fortune 500, high-growth firms and start-up companies in the technology, Internet, and media industries. Having served as CEO three times and experience across five venture-backed start-ups, David has developed a unique perspective and deep expertise as a startup operator. He is a veteran of Google Demo Day, Silicon Valley Open Doors, and TechCrunch Disrupt, and has four exits.


David holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Kenan-Flagler Business School.

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